Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Eps and Downs of the 7-String Guitar...

Well, the good news is we have a great album here of traditional jazz featuring one of the great all-time guitar players, George Van Eps. The bad news is that my copy of this 1967 LP is pretty rough and I have to apologize for the somewhat excessive noise, pops and crackle that I was unable to remove on this rip. Still, I couldn't readily find a better version of this OOP album out there so I decided to post it for now because it really is absolute classic stuff. Van Eps was just so smooth and relaxed that you can't have a jazz guitar collection without a healthy dose of George in it. Of course he had that 7-string thing going on, as the album name proclaims, and that makes it all the more unique. Although the album obviously features Van Eps' 7-string guitar playing, there is also a lot of marimba player, Frank Flynn, which "frankly" I could live without here, but it has it's moments in complement to George's guitar work. The key is just listening along with this textbook guitar playing. Most of it is relatively simple or understated but it's wonderful work and brings these classic tunes to life so effortlessly. So check this out, forgive the poor quality of the vinyl, and let me know if you come across a better copy of this beautiful album as I will be happy to defer to that reference. But until then, I hope you can enjoy it as is...I did!


George Van Eps - George Van Eps' Seven-String Guitar - 1967
Capitol ST 2783

Satin Doll
Prelude To A Kiss
A Blues Serenade
The Very Thought Of You
Stop, Look and Listen

Sophisticated Lady
Glad To Be Unhappy
Baubles, Bangles and Beads
A Libra Rhapsody
Come Rain Or Come Shine

George Van Eps - 7-string guitar
Frank Flynn - marimba
Jerry Williams - drums


Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot, love Van Eps!
Especially the fact that his playing is so understated as you call it makes him so great. It's just like he has nothing to prove.

Concerning the clicks and pops: have you ever considered to try 'ClickRepair' ? You can get it here:
It will cost you a few dollar but it's worth every cent. It rescued some really awfully damaged albums of mine. Can't recommend it enough.

Anonymous said...

here's what ClickRepair did with 'Satin Doll'

Durge & The Oldies said...

PR: Thanks very much for the advice and the file to help illustrate the obvious improvement using that software. Believe it or not, I do use a form of click repair as it comes with the basic version of Audacity I use when ripping from vinyl. In the short time I've been using it I find that you can't identify large sections of songs and use click repair without seriously compromising or damaging the original intended sound (music). So I simply scan the wave profile of each song searching for the visual evidence that coincides with each notable audio click. If I can't see it in the visual profile of the music, then I can't repair it. Somehow it looks like your software manages to remove clicks that reside within the base music "profile" without damaging the music. I will definitely check it out. Are you able to apply this across the entire song without searching out every specific click?

Anonymous said...

I'm using Audacity for recording vinyl, too, and i'm quite aware of the time and effort it takes to visually find all the cicks and remove them! And just like you, i've never been satisfied with the auomatic results you get from Audacity's clickremoval. the noise redution is even worse!

With 'ClickRepair' you actually don't have to search visually. For the example i simply used the 'standard setting' and did nothing except for hitting the 'start' button. Everything else was done automatically.

My work flow when ripping vinyl is usually to convert the complete recording of one LP side into wave and open this wave file in ClickRepair. I simply use the ClickRepair standard settings and let the software do the rest. I get superb results, even with very damaged albums. Then i open this wave again in Audacity and split it into singular tracks.

There's a trial version available for 21 days, see for yourself.

Durge & The Oldies said...

That sounds great, I am going to give it a try for sure. Thanks again, this sounds like a tremendous help!

deGallo said...

Nice site and nice lps. thanks for the music. Try recording at 6400/16 or 4800/16, using Click Repair at default lp setting then downsample to 44100 redbook standard. Here is my site using that method give a listen with ear phones for clicks or pops. I find more and more sites using click repair. thank you

Durge & The Oldies said...

Yes, I have enjoyed Yellow Days before and I appreciate your advice! Willie Bobo introduced me to the tune Yellow Days and it remains one of my favorite mellow songs of all time, just the way Willie did it. Thanks again deGallo!

Rick said...

There's a cleaner LP rip of this in FLAC over at Jazzy Blues.

Durge & The Oldies said...

Thanks for that input Rick. I am aware of that which is why I haven't bothered to upgrade this myself, though I may repost and use the ClickRepair capability I now have (that I didn't have when I posted this). I try not to post anything that I can find elsewhere so most of these appeared to be originals at the time I posted them. Now I know a number of my postings have been made available separately by other bloggers and chances are they will be higher quality than my meager resources allow. Again, it's good to make others aware of the options so thanks for the comment!