Monday, December 15, 2008

Something Happened..........

I hate to digress from the holiday theme here, but while going through these old scratchy 45's of mine, some just bring back too many good memories to put off. So this next 45 is from a band I never heard of (before or since I received the record when I was a little kid), "The Sparks". Of course I am familiar with "Sparks" from the 70's/80's and I like them a lot too, but this group from the 50's may not have recorded much more than this single I am offering next. The song I loved from the start is side 1, "Something Happened" (written by William Collins). It's a fairly classic 50's style pop rock tune with Sedaka like harmonies and lots of reverb on the guitar. It's kind of an infectious song that has always stayed with me so now I release it onto the rest of the world. The flip side is included, "Robin Red Breast" (written by Bill Comstock), but it is that folk rock psuedo Mitch Miller/Brothers Four sort of ditty that never hit me for much, but it's here for you to check out. Hope you enjoy side 1 like I first did, one listen and.....something happened....


The Sparks - "Something Happened" - 1958 - 45 rpm
Arwin #MM-114-45 (21533)

The Sparks - "Robin Red Breast" - 1958 - 45 rpm
Arwin #MM-114-45 (21534)

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