Monday, December 1, 2008

Show Me Da Do, Bro...

Shopping for vinyl can be such a crap shoot. You find something you may have heard of, or at least your familiar with the artist, and you check out the grooves, blow a few specs off the surface and decide to let go of your "dough", and off you go home to set needle to vinyl and hope for the best. Usually, when you part with your hard earned cash, you have high expectations, despite some natural skepticism. And so it was with Tut Taylor, the venerable dobro master. And here is the album burned at 128 so you can judge for yourself, but I couldn't help feel a little let down that he didn't go to town a bit more. It actually is a respectable bit of music, a little bluegrass, a little country, and at times just a touch of muzak to boot, there lying the disappointment. But overall it is very well played by Tut and his fellow hay-chewing chums. There's no doubt that this is a masterful group of musicians. I just wish they would have cut loose once in a while here, but instead it's fairly tame. I think it's worthwhile none the less, it has it's moments and is nicely executed for what it is, hopefully you will enjoy this work which seems to be otherwise unavailable from what I can tell. So sit back and listen to Tut, along with Roland & Clarence White and friends. Let 'em ease you through some smooth licks and keep your dough for those Christmas cookies!


Tut Taylor - Dobro Country
(with Roland & Clarence White) - 1964

Tut Taylor: dobro
Roland White: mandolin
Clarence White: guitar
Billy Rae: banjo
Victor Gaskin: bass

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