Saturday, January 17, 2009

For guitar lovers...

Here's another guy that is often maligned unfairly as being strictly an easy listening specialist but he brings plenty more to the party. Tony Mottola was quite the studio master in his day and he put out quite a stable of albums, some of which were more challenging than others. At the very least, he shows great tone and touch, and this pretty album, that obviously sticks to the quiet side of things, offers lots of nice work that any guitar lover will enjoy. Mottola was Perry Como's guitar accompanist for 16 years and you can see somewhat of a parallel there, smooth and sweet. Sure, much of this could easily fit into any elevator "mix-tape", but man I would be happy to just surf floors for the afternoon if this kind of stuff was playing. I mean, this is definitely some beautiful jazz guitar playing. It may not be my favorite in this genre, but it is solid stuff that deserves credit from anyone that knows good music. So if you're truly a guitar lover, then you need a Romantic ya go...


Tony Mottola - Romantic Guitar - 1963
Command records SMAS-90526

Let's Fall In Love
If Ever I Would Leave You
Always and Always
Alone Together

Speak Low
You Are Too Beautiful
I Got It Bad and That Ain't Good
Fly Me To The Moon
It's A Lonesome Old Town (When You're Not Around)

Tony Mottola - guitar
Dick Hyman - organ
Bucky Pizzarelli - rhythm guitar
Bob Haggart - bass
Don Lamond - drums
Bob Rosengarden - bongos, vibes
Don Arnone - guitar


Anonymous said...

i love tony mottola! i have a passion for the 'establishment' guitarists of the 60's- al caiola, bert weedon, george barnes, and of course tony mottola!
it's very hard to find mottola's stuff- as you point out, this stuff is oop for years, and unlikely to ever be reissued, so i thank you for performing a valuable service. i heard when tv was in it's infancy mottola (who worked at cbs) would improvise background music for 3 to 4 hours of programming a week! wow!
now if any of that stuff could be found!

Durge & The Oldies said...

Thanks for the comment jammie. Yes, that background music is probably loaded with gems...maybe someday?

Melanchthon said...

Beautiful record. Thanks !