Monday, January 12, 2009

Don't lose your Head...

Well I'm finally back for more fun here in 2009. I have lots of good stuff I want to post but I don't have lots of time to do it in. I need to figure out what music, if any, is not available commercially, then transfer from vinyl to digital, hoping that I can work around several issues with my old turntable and amplifier. The turntable turns on when it feels like it. Bring the arm over, sometimes it starts up, mostly it doesn't. Sometimes I have to do it 10-15 times or more before I get contact. Then, it doesn't always come up to speed. I think it simply varies between 45 and 33 randomly but I'm not sure that it doesn't choose some places in between at times! It's even been so bold as to simply stop all together, mid stream. Hearing Eddie Jefferson slide lazily down to a drunken baritone out of the blue is disheartening. So, uncertain as to what I can do to fix this old 1970's player, I have scored a free stereo from my mother-in-law. It's one of those pre-bundled multi-component deals in the glass case on wheels deals from the 80's. Has hardly ever been used, literally, so it should be sufficient for my purposes, except it's missing a needle, which I stupidly discovered as I witnessed the cartridge swiftly skating across my favorite Buddy Fite record last week. Oh the horror! So I need to hunt down a proper needle and get on with it. Nothing fancy but hopefully serviceable. Which leads me to my next musical posting. A barely serviceable "B" side from a blue-eyed soul man and country wailer known as Roy Head. I had heard his name over the years but I couldn't tell you what he ever accomplished in music. Apparently he did alright for himself with some charting singles in the 60's and a wide range of genres to his credit over many albums. The "A" side to this single (45 rpm) is a Jimmy McCracklin tune called "Get Back", not to be mistaken for JoJo or any other man/woman combination. The song is a catchy R&B tune, simple but delivered with convincing energy by Roy and his Memphis-type rockers which include a sultry sounding lass singing along with Roy at just the right orgasmic moments. It's catchy and likeable, solid 60's material but this is available for purchase on more than one of the currently available collections of Head hits you can buy. I'm not sure where or when I acquired this single but I'm glad I didn't lose track of it over the years and will definitely investigate more of Roy's work. So, as for the posting, you will unfortunately have to settle for the "B" side of the single here, which coincidentally happens to also be "Get Back", only it's the instrumental version! After hearing the exciting vocal version I had high hopes for this being some Steve Cropper, Booker T type extravaganza, but alas, it seems it is little more than the "A" side without lead vocals. Sort of the karaoke version!?! Get back! You gotta be kidding! Well, I figured maybe the "B" side has some interest to a few folks out there. At least it doesn't appear to be available on any current CD's, and why should it be? So here's the microphone, do your best Roy Head imitation and enjoy this understandably rare recording...(not sure if it's really rare ($2.99 on eBay!) but it probably should be, know what I mean?)...


Roy Head - Get Back - Instrumental - 1965
Single - Scepter 12124B (45 rpm)

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