Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Welcome Fellow Listeners...

With the holiday season already descending upon America, what better way to initiate this blog than under the name of a personal favorite Christmas song. In fact, the composer of the tune was a friend of my family, Noel Regney. He actually co wrote the song, Do You Hear What I Hear, with his wife and lived in Connecticut during his later life when my parents befriended him. He played piano and sang at the Ridgefield Inn as I recall. I remember him as a very nice gentleman. And so, there is the inspiration for the blog name. My own ID is inspired from quite a different source, none other than the great Herman "Sonny" Blount. I was fortunate enough to have seen Sun Ra with his Arkestra a couple of times and only wish I had made the effort to see him more often. But what I did experience certainly was special as are all his recordings from my experience. So from traditional Christmas tunes to the supremely bizarre and wonderful jazz from timeless space, I christen this blog in the name of peace and the joy of the listeners everywhere. Thanks for stopping in. I will be documenting some of my music collection, mostly LP's and hope to post some of the interesting OOP's.

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E-mile said...

cheers to that, THE track -for me-
here is the Creeper, and ofcourse
Caprice's Green Grass [:-)
-for your Jerry Hahn, well, cheers too & twice & all that jazz...
thanx for your vinylrips!
JH is a slick & sharp sunshine woman celebration-sound-a-fiesta 2.
you'll be watched, exchange spots?
peace, E-mile