Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Post Roy Syndrome...

Well, by now, anybody bothering to read my posts may be fairly frustrated with my run-on sentences that have little or nothing to do with the respective musical offering. So I'll try to spare you here a bit and simply say, this album is one of those calls where it may have been best to leave it to posterity and free of the internet. But I found it in a record store in Florida and was more than a little intrigued to see "Little" Roy (I'm a complete sucker for great steel guitar) along with the well respected studio guitarist, Kelso Herston, and the next thing I know I had parted with ten bucks and was anxious to give a listen. Well, it's a disappointment overall I'm afraid. I had high hopes, ten dollars worth, but Roy does very "little" here to impress. While there are some moments for him and some of his cast, the playing is largely elevator fare with a generally regrettable vocal chorus that repeats the featured lines from many of these tunes. But I love the pedal steel / steel guitar so much, and this understandably being OOP and uncommitted to CD, I figured, what the heck, here you go. For once I won't apologize for the 128kb rip from this dated LP. Proceed with caution but maybe a few of these tunes will hit the spot. Roy sure can play, he just makes it hard to be sure on this one....


"Little" Roy Wiggins - 18 All-Time Hits - 1966 - Starday (SLP 392)

Medley: Candy Kisses/A Prison Without Walls/Show Me The Way Back To Your Heart
Seasons of the Heart
Medley: Goodnight Irene/On Top of Old Smokey
Satisfied Mind
Y'All Come

Medley: Faded Love/Maiden's Prayer
You Are The One
Medley: Beautiful Brown Eyes/I'm Thinking Tonight of My Blue Eyes
The Window Up Above
Medley: Chained To A Memory/I'm Throwing Rice (At The Girl I Love)/You Don't Know Me

"Little" Roy Wiggins: steel guitar
Kelson Herston: guitar
(other musicians unidentified by instrument: Fred Carter, Pete Wade, Billy Linneman, Harold Weakley, Vic Willis, Tommy Hill, and The Ray King Singers)


E-mile said...

oh yeah, btw, I thought yer BLOG-LOGO/Photo of the CAT(?)Bulldozer and all, was the cover art of a long-forgotten EP from Kyuss, dating from 1990-ish, in a imaginary graphic world or two...
With Other Words: great photo & the Wah-Wah in Sunshine Superman is
triple aAa clasSsic!!
thanx again
peace, E-mile

Durge & The Oldies said...

glad you enjoyed the music E-mile. the wah-wah is undeniable. as for the picture it's something I shot when I lived in New Milford, CT that just caught my eye then and remains one of my few "artsy" photos that I actually like. now if I could just play guitar like Jerry, I'd be all set! peace

Anonymous said...

I think Little Roy Wiggins Mr ting-a-ling man is one of his finer songs. You can hear it on the web just pull up Little Roy Wiggins on your computer.Oh ,by the way did you know that when Little Roy was with Eddy Arnold that they sold 70,000,000 records ,Making them the highest records sold in the 20th century.