Tuesday, January 11, 2011

No man is a failure that has a Buddy...

I thought the Christmas oriented subject line (quoting loosely from Clarence's famous note at the end of "It's A Wonderful Life") was appropriate in this post holiday wash into 2011, especially considering that I just purchased this LP as a Christmas gift to myself. As noted in my earlier posts, I enjoy guitar playing probably more than any other instrument, especially in the jazz vein, and often especially in the interpretation of pop music as is the case with greats like Howard Roberts and even Grant Green among many others. Once again, I want to pay tribute here to one of my most unsung heroes, the painfully under-recorded, Buddy Fite. While some may dismiss it as more pop than jazz, I could care less, and happen to believe it's as creative as most anything when one listens to the finely crafted subtleties of Buddy's comfortable and bright rendering of this collection of mostly well known tunes. His tone is true, metallic, yet warm as he rings through each song like they were old friends. My only disappointment, as I'm just beginning to fully quantify the scant discography of Buddy Fite, is that half the tracks on this record are duplicated on other Fite albums. That is truly frustrating. I am so eager to collect more of his work and find out that apparently all but one of his records include tracks that are shared. None the less, I am grateful for any track that I can add to the collection and this one offers four unique ones; "Girl Talk", "Michelle", "Summer of 42" & "Sunny". The other six can be found on his "Changes" album (also posted on this blog) or "Buddy Fite!" or "The Hits of Yesterday". I included all the tracks here for your full appreciation of this long out of print LP. I can't really pick a favorite here, each is signature Buddy. And although we have to accept that these aren't all new tracks to those of us that already enjoy his other albums, let's just be glad to have even one new Buddy.

One New Buddy

Buddy Fite - Plays For Satin Dolls (1975)

Here's That Rainy Day
I Can't Get Started
Moonlight In Vermont
Willow Weep For Me
A Day in the Life of a Fool

Summer of 42
Angel Eyes
Girl Talk

Buddy Fite - guitar
Other personnel not listed


E-mile said...

Arkiver, I love the Sunny cover version! thanks for sharing, I'm sure it's gonna find it's way into a multi-Sunny post sometime over at E-mile Says [:-)
peace, E-mile

Durge & The Oldies said...

That would be cool...er...warm. Thanks for the good word E-mile!

Kovina Kris said...

Thanks for another BF album Arkvier. I appreciate the chance to hear his stuff.

Rick said...

Thanks for the two new Fite albums. Real rarities it seems to me.

Durge & The Oldies said...

Thanks for the comments KK & Rick! I'm really happy to see other folks that enjoy Buddy's unique style and appeal.

George Glass said...

Do you have or know where to find his '69 album Buddy Fite! that includes "Here's That Rainy Day" along with "Stormy" and "Fly Me to the Moon"? More info here -> Clicky


Durge & The Oldies said...

Pete - I have that one and intend to post it before long, be patient and check back but it will be here soon.

George Glass said...

YES! I'll be patient and looking forward to it. Thanks!

Durge & The Oldies said...

Link renewed!