Saturday, January 15, 2011

Don't You Love Her Bradley...

Want to meet her Dadley...okay, another real stretch at a pun...but if you did love her madly, this Harold Bradley album just might be an appropriate backdrop. I won't pull any punches here, this is music that many would simply tag as easy listening. I found this on eBay several years ago and had no idea what to expect other than the hope that there might be some masterful guitar playing to enjoy. Then, when I ripped it I was a bit disappointed at the unusually reserved playing and also had a lot of LP noise on my vinyl. So I never thought to post it and haven't listened to it again. That is until I just today broke down and got the "ClickRepair" software that has been touted so highly of late. And now, well, it's certainly cleaned up a lot, and now I kind of like this collection of pretty tunes. Yes, it includes beautiful voices and strings lusciously arranged and conducted by Bill McElhiney, and yes, Harold's playing is decidedly deliberate and at times almost painfully slow. But, as the title suggests, this is supposed to be romantic, mood music of sorts, and as such, it has its moments and generally provides some very nice guitar sounds for the intended mood. I know very little about Harold Bradley except that he was apparently a very successful guitarist during the 50's and 60's and beyond. According to the liner notes he was particularly busy as an accompanist to many pop-country artists like Brenda Lee, Connie Francis, Red Foley, Burl Ives, Patti Page, Anita Bryant and Ann Margret. He seems to have country roots but clearly understands the jazz sensibilities as he pretty much displays throughout this album of jazz-pop standards. He makes the guitar sound beautiful and every so often adds a nice run of single notes to bridge his pleasant "chordings". A few of the tunes are a bit weak, but I really think most of them have some worthwhile sounds to enjoy for even the more advanced jazz aficionado, much as I have enjoyed with the likes of Tony Mottola. Anyway, thanks to "ClickRepair", which now opens up a few more obscure LP's from my humble collection, I hope you'll enjoy this somewhat obscure old LP. Maybe you'll love you're walkin' out the Doors...........(ugggghhh)

Tell Me What You Say...

Harold Bradley - Guitar for Lovers Only (1966)
Columbia (CL 2456)

Autumn Leaves
Dear Heart
Theme From "Picnic"
Love Letters
Moon Mist

Fly Me To The Moon
Serenade In Blue
As Time Goes By
Days of Wine and Roses
Moon River

Harold Bradley - guitar
Voices & Strings arranged & conducted by Bill McElhiney


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unfortunately the file returned corrupted.

jose eduardo said...

Any chance to re up?

Durge & The Oldies said...

The file has been replaced and just worked for me so we should be good to go.

Anonymous said...

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