Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Reflex...a natural

This is another tremendous Connecticut punk band that flourished in the early 80's and was home to a number of musicians who ended up filtering into other outstanding bands that evolved in the Nutmeg State, including "Violent Children" and the great "76% Uncertain". Here is a 45 rpm recording they released in 1983 called "Black and White". The quality rooted in this band's playing and compositions is obvious I think, but you judge for yourself. If you decide you like it then that "reflex" well on your taste in music...rock on! This and other Reflex recordings are included on other blogs but since I had this one I wanted to post it as a link to my buddy Todd who later performed and recorded with Reflex From Pain on guitar and continues to perform with 76% to this day!


Reflex From Pain - Black and White - 1983
Death Threat Records (Stratford, CT)

Generic Life

Media Control
Holy Pictures

Greg - vocals
Andrew - guitar
Dave - bass
Bill - drums

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