Saturday, August 15, 2009

Freakbaby...the heartbeat of Connecticut

Here's another band that made the Connecticut scene in the early 90's and touts an impressive lineage that ties in with the likes of 76% Uncertain among others. I really find this stuff to be very unique and would love to have heard more recordings from this group. Fortunately I do have this one 45 to share and I will be curious to see your comments. Go ahead, after all, it's a Freak country...


Freakbaby - "Full Size" (45 rpm)
Delirium Records - 1993

My Pet Pig (side A)........ Unable To Turn The Bat On Himself (side B)

Here's a little history from their MySpace page...
Started by Martha Hamilton, Elisa Flynn and John Howard in and around Danbury, CT in 1989. First gigs in 1990. Added Todd Knapp on guitar in 1993. Changed name to Jet Jaguar in 1995. Ended 1996. Output: Flathead Longo (Oil Burner Cassette) 1991; Peel b/w Boot (Oil Burner Records) 1992; Retroactive Karma (Chop, Grate, Whip, Liquify comp) 1992; My Pet Pig b/w (Unable to) Turn The Bat (on Himself) (Delerium Records) 1993; Honour The Ugly Dormer (Oil Burner Cassette) 1994; Michael's Type b/w Echo 'n' Preamble (Romance Records) 1996.

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john howard said...

Thanks for the kind words. The 7" isn't really called "Full Size, that's just our obtuse artwork. It's great to see more attention being paid to the Danbury scene in early 90s. Lotta great bands that nobody got to hear.

I really need to digitize more of our stuff, if you want to hear it let me know.