Sunday, June 21, 2009

Hot Fun...Re-Done!!

Not only have I finally gotten back to my blog, but I am finally re-posting my first significant work, Freddy Robinson's "Hot Fun in the Summertime" from 1970. And what better time than this first day of summer.

When I started doing this blog just last year, I rushed in and neglected to consider the output which was at 128 at the time. I went back and ripped another set of files at 320 and they can now be found on the original post at;


For some reason, the first side has more vinyl artifacts while side 2 was almost free of click removal, etc. Still, this should be a "bit" better than my original post for those that listen closely. It is a fun album. While "Moonglow" offers a more traditional jazz sound that showcases Freddy's tasteful skills, "I Want To Hold Your Hand" is just plain happy and swinging, and much of the rest is great groovin' with the hard workin' ladies singing some righteous background parts throughout. In short, it's hot fun anytime...enjoy!


Andy said...


Andy said...

oh i blew it not checking back earlier! the mediafire link doesn't seem to be working! Whoopsie!

Durge & The Oldies said...

Sorry for all your trouble Andy. I don't understand why the link was trying to go to the old MediaFire link but I seemed to have repaired that now thanks to your comment (Rapidshare). Thanks for letting me know and I hope the new upload was worth all your bother here! Enjoy.

Andy said...

thank you thank you thank you!

Durge & The Oldies said...

Link renewed!