Sunday, June 21, 2009

Just For The Fun Of Id.....

I've done my share of combing boxes of vinyl at flea markets and tag sales and somewhere along the way I encountered this odd bit of Id. I had never heard of the album or the band and I imagine that goes for most folks out there in TV land. But the cover and backside offered a hint that this might be an obscure but entertaining collection of psychedelic grooviness that must certainly be worth 25 cents, and I believe the quarter was well invested. Surprisingly this album was apparently dedicated to CD not long ago but I think it's fair to say that obscurity remains the ultimate fate of this fun excursion. Back in the 80's when I first obtained this LP, I made a cassette copy and I have to say, some of the tunes grew on me. While it loosely fits into the "psych" category, in spots it really presents more of a pop-rock appeal than most. There is some blending of sitar and spacey vocals to help keep it unreal but it's generally pretty tame and manages to provide some memorable tunage. From the pop side I would say that "Wild Times" is the obvious keeper here though it is not entirely unlike one or two other top 40 type numbers I might have heard elsewhere over the years. Much of the rest is a little more unique and perhaps pushes the envelope a little. "Stone and Steel", "Boil The Kettle, Mother" are sure to bring a smile (or smirk) and just try making it through all ten and a half minutes of the cover tune. Someone had fun being the guru that did the monologue on that one! There's no information on the cover to tell us about these five musicians. Paul Arnold, "creator, arranger & producer" seems to take all the credit here. This is the monoraul version of the LP, but regardless, I think you will get a kick out of this little timepiece.

The Id - The Inner Sounds of The Id

The Id - The Inner Sounds of the Id - 1967
Monoraul LP - RCA LPM-3805

The Rake
Wild Times
Don't Think Twice
Stone and Steel
Baby Eyes
Boil The Kettle, Mother

Butterfly Kiss
Short Circuit
Just Who
The Inner Sound of the Id

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